We've been reviewed by the smart folks at Mensa!

The game starts with a Virtual Reality segment reminiscent of the intro segment of the classic video game HALF LIFE, where our team are transported from the entrance hall of the research facility into the depths subterranean VIRUS ROOM that is buried deep underground. This intro was fantastically atmospheric and featured some nice acting by our fellow Mensan/host Bob Glouberman as the lab researcher who briefed us on situation. Most other escape rooms only feature a few written paragraphs read out by the host/staff or in some cases to be read by the players themselves. This is much more immersive than the average escape room and let the players feel they are in the game.

The basic story behind the game is that we are a group of scientists/doctors tasked to investigate an underground lab and discover the antidote to the virus that was accidentally unleashed.

While most escape rooms feature several rooms within a single game, there is just one big room here. And boy is this room packed full of puzzles and goodness. The production values are incredibly high, but that is to be expected because it was built by the set builder of the TV show CRIMINAL MINDS and a NUCLEAR SUBMARINE engineer. Even with 6 players we were under severe time pressure. I highly recommend that teams come in with the full crew of 8.

We were able to finish the room with a few minutes to spare and saved the world using 1 clue (we had to look behind a certain piece of equipment/puzzle piece), but we were not able to complete the last easter egg puzzle that has nothing to do with the main puzzles. The host was excellent and very helpful, he certainly added a lot to the experience.

This was certainly one of the best escape room experiences I’ve ever had, and I had a hard time deciding if this or the Bunker room in Room Escape LA (they also have a virus room there, it was great too but not quite as good as this one) is my favourite escape room. It is worth the FULL admission price and there are quite a few out that that are not really worth your money. I can not wait to try the new meta escape room they have that is set to be ready around Halloween time and the other escape experience at Flappers Comedy club. They also offer Fantastic Races around downtown LA, Santa Monica, Universal Citywalk, and Disneyland where teams compete to seek out clues and solve challenges.

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