"The Virus" is a must see for all enthusiasts!

You and your team have been summoned to a secret military base. A virus has taken over the world, causing death amongst a majority of the earth’s population. The scientist in charge of finding the cure has deceased, which has brought about a peculiar situation. Now, you and your team are responsible for finding the cure. Can you find his clues and finish the formula?


The awe inspiring special effects displayed in this room make it all worthwhile.

Right from the start, The Virus infected me! This all-star production teamstarted things off right by using VIRTUAL REALITY to introduce the story. It really added another level of immersion that I had not experienced before. The story was continually supported by the “Lab Assistant” who accompanied us into the underground laboratory. Inside was a wide variety of challenges that we needed to face, most of which seemed so amusing that we wanted to get our hands on each of them! As our time progressed in the room, we couldn’t shake the feeling that the world was closing in on us. Oh yeah, it actually was.

Fun Fact: The room itself diminishes down to precisely 1/3 of its original size by the end of your mission.


With all the razzle-dazzle that Get the F Out delivered us, they definitely scored well in many categories.

Some notable accomplishments include:

Atmosphere 15/15

A perfect score. This room was filled with exciting visual elements from start to finish. Not only was it captivating, but it supported the context of the narrative. The set itself was used to drive dynamics and create tension throughout the experience.

Characters 14.5/15

The characters made this experience quite realistic. The acting was convincing and gives you the feeling that the scenario is actually happening. Each character is unique with a clear personality!


The Virus is a must see for all enthusiasts. If you have never experienced virtual reality, this room will offer an extra bonus! It is challenging, and first time players might not escape (we didn’t), but players of any skill level will enjoy the experience. I would recommend going in the full capacity since there are quite a few challenges to overcome.

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