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What is the Virus presented by Get the F out?

It’s the most technologically advanced “escape room” to be launched in Los Angeles.  You have 60 minutes to escape the laboratory by solving a series of puzzles.


What is an Escape Room?

an ESCAPE ROOM is a live action game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve puzzles, find clues and escape in 60 min.  Think of it as “game night” on steroids.


What if we don’t get out?

You’ll have lots and lots of fun in the attempt.

Will the walls really close in on us?

Yes, if you mess up one of the puzzles and become “infected”.





Isn’t that dangerous?

Not at all.  You and your team are never in any true danger.  This is all part of the psychological experience.

It sounds scary?  Is it scary?
The room is suspenseful; but, it is not scary.  This is not a haunted house.  This is not an experience where things “jump out” at you.  You are never in any danger.  It is a cerebral, puzzle solving experience.  If it were a film, this would get a PG rating.

Can children participate?
Absolutely. This game is designed for adults but we would recommend it for children 13 years old and up.  Children younger than 12 years old may play, but if the child does not like the experience, it will be difficult to stop and restart the experience to let the child out of the room without ruining the experience for others.  In any case children under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them to participate in the room.

What is this virtual reality component?
The introduction to the Virus will include a mind blowing virtual reality experience.  The experience is free, 7 minutes long and includes heightened visual and auditory sensations.  It’s truly spectacular.  As with all new technology, however,  we can't guarantee that every VR bay will be operational.  

What if I get motion sick?
You will have the ability to opt out of the introduction portion of the room.

Are we going to be put in the room with other people?
A total of eight people can play the Virus.  Unless you bring eight people with you to play or buy out the room for eight people (while not actually bringing eight people), you may indeed get placed with other players.  But many people find being placed with strangers in this environment to be an incredible bonding experience.

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1500 S. Los Angeles St, Unit 4
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